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Stories of Saints !

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Article Image Saint Eknath - The brave disciple
In 18th century India, there lived a Saint called Eknath. Saint Eknath was the disciple of Janardan Swami. (A disciple is one who does spiritual practice under the guidance of a Guru.

Article Image Saint Namdev brings a cow to life
Everyone was amazed to see the cow come back to life! The Emperor too,

Article Image Saint Tukaram : The plentiful harvest of a single sugarcane stalk
One year, the region was affected by a drought. Many people were starving. One day, Saint Tukaram

Article Image Adi Shankaracharya
"Mother, I want to die a sanyaasi, please give me your permission now!" His mother could not refuse her son's final request, so

Article Image The great disguise
When the chanting was in full swing and no one was aware of anything but God's Name, the enemies, who were watching,

Article Image 18 baths a day
Three hundred years ago, there lived a Saint called Eknath in Maharashtra, India. He used to perform his daily ablutions and rituals at the banks of the river Godavari, every morning.

Article Image The childhood of H. H. Brahmachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj
One night, Ganu was found missing from His bed. All started frantically searching for Him. He was found near a

Article Image Saint Sai Baba -
For Those Who Make the Effort Realise God

Curious to know what Sai Baba was doing, Nana asked Him why He was scrutinising the coins over and over again. Baba replied,

Article Image The Correct Perspective
This is an incident in the life of a disciple of Akkalkot Swami Maharaj. The disciple was about to retire from an office where

Article Image One should never doubt a Saint's behaviour
On returning to the ashram, Patayat Mavshi complained to Maharaj about the woman she had argued with. Maharaj called both the women and tried to

Article Image Power of Satsang
He fell at his Uncle’s feet and started crying in repentance for his bad ways. He pleaded with the Saint to

Article Image How should one chant?
nce a mailman decided to visit H. H. Gondavalekar Maharaj. He reached Gondavale (a town in Maharashtra, India where Gondavalekrr Maharaj resided) on a Saturday morning.

Article Image The importance of any activity done for a good cause
Ramana Maharshi was a great Saint who lived in Southern India. Devotees from around the world would travel to his ashram to receive his blessings.

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