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Stories of Saints !

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Article Image Ego
Once, Shankaracharya was travelling towards the Himalayas along with all his disciples. On their way, they came across the vast river bed of Alaknanda.

Article Image Akkalkot Maharaj Swami Samarth -
Reward of faith

Akkalkot Maharaj was a great Saint, who was given the Name 'Akkalkot' after the small Indian town that he lived in. He was always there for seekers who came to Him with faith.

Article Image Divine vision
After a few days the Saint sent a man, who was a stranger to the lady, to her house. The man asked the lady,

Article Image The robbers who came to their senses in a Saint’s Company
During one of His travels, Gondavalekar Maharaj was passing through the forest of Abu (a place in Gujarat, India). It was late in the evening and He was travelling alone. Suddenly,

Article Image A great lesson from
Ramkrishna Paramhansa

Saints teach us only what they themselves have practiced. That is why their advice has the power to do us good.

Article Image Saint Sakhu
Sakhu was overjoyed and joined the other villagers on the pilgrimage. Meanwhile, Lord Vitthal took on Sakhu's form and

Article Image All Saints are one
Next morning, Swamiji appeared in Balkrushna's dream. He said to Balkrushna, "Dear Balkrushna,

Article Image Saint Tulsidas
Nandadas was saddened by Tulsidas' incorrect attitude towards other dieties. He prayed to Lord Krushna to help his friend. Within minutes, the idol of

Article Image Saint Tulsidas and the thieves
As Tulsidas listened to their story, He knew at once that the two men guarding the doors were none other than Lord Rama and His brother, Lakshman!

Article Image Ramkrishna Paramhansa's
faith and devotion

Shri Ramkrushna replied, "If a loved one falls ill, do we have them replaced? Or do we seek a cure for their illness?

Article Image Saint Eknath - The brave disciple
In 18th century India, there lived a Saint called Eknath. Saint Eknath was the disciple of Janardan Swami. (A disciple is one who does spiritual practice under the guidance of a Guru.

Article Image Saint Namdev brings a cow to life
Everyone was amazed to see the cow come back to life! The Emperor too,

Article Image Saint Tukaram : The plentiful harvest of a single sugarcane stalk
One year, the region was affected by a drought. Many people were starving. One day, Saint Tukaram

Article Image Adi Shankaracharya
"Mother, I want to die a sanyaasi, please give me your permission now!" His mother could not refuse her son's final request, so

Article Image The great disguise
When the chanting was in full swing and no one was aware of anything but God's Name, the enemies, who were watching,

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